First They Killed Black Panthers, Now They Come For BLM

But what happens when structural violence against black and brown bodies takes a turn with what I will go ahead and suggest is an example of modern lynching? Will men and women simply turn their cheek and CONTINUE to say, well it ain’t my people?

Exclusive Action Steps to Improve the Next Women’s March

The Ride Into The Women’s March I drove from New York City with my sister, picked up my boyfriend in Philadelphia, a friend in Baltimore and headed to Washington D.C. for the Women’s March, joining more than 5 million people worldwide in this historic event. A few things struck me during the march, that I…

Communicating Within the New Museum’s Pixel Forrest

Waiting In Line for Pixel Forest The line is an hour and a half long and reminded me of the Gilmore Girls Revival episode where Rory interviews people in New York City who stand in line for things. It is hard to tell what artwork has drawn individuals to the line itself. I for example,…

Part One: Why I Am Scared As A Woman

I am hopeful because the financial and social institutions of this country have always put me at a disadvantage; therefore, I know about struggle, and grief, and pain, and being uncomfortable in my skin. And I will use that knowledge to creatively rally together with those that care about my voice, my life, and my wellbeing. I will join together with those women near and far to me. We will do so because the same longing for a better world is what connects our hearts to one another.