Falling In Love With Macrame One Wall Hanging At A Time

Where can you see old flames, run into teachers you once had in elementary school, and reminisce about years past? A local street festival in the neighborhood you grew up in. Obviously. 

Last month, I attended mini mart in Sea Cliff, where nearly half a mile of artisan tents and local businesses lure you in with their amazing works.  And a handmade macrame tent lured me in just before I thought I could get away without buying anything! 


Your mind, body and soul starts to remember how it came to grow into itself when you journey back to where you’re originally from. And you can’t help but do things like support a local woman entrepreneur who offers handmade macrame hanging pieces. I fell in love with the dipped dyed piece that now calls the spot above my bed home. 

Courtesy of @vagabond.tribe

Pinterest offers 1000+ pins about how to make your own. Watching tutorials or piecing together the step-by-step instructions with the use of online photos isn’t anything like the real deal. Therefore, the chance to learn from a professional who has the experience and the failure stories to share en vivo with you (as you go) is ideal. Especially when crafting in a new style.

To attempt to do any form of crafting since I do not know how to embroider, knit or crochet is a big deal. If you don’t have someone to catch your mishaps as you knot and tie, you might end up making a hat instead of socks.

When the opportunity came along to take a class at Craftjam in NYC to make my own macrame plant hanging from SCRATCH, I immediately said yes! Not only are plants known to reduce stress, but I could learn something new along the way. 


According to Enclycopedia Britannica, macrame started as early as the 16th century and originates from the Turkish word meaning napkin or towel. The online site said that macrame, is a “coarse lace or fringe made by knotting cords or thick threads in a geometric pattern.” This same patten is what has made my bedroom feel tied together (no pun intended). The vibrant colors and the flare of nature found in the arched driftwood that the macrame hangs from were a perfect addition to my room.


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  1. majj2 says:

    I was there both times, Macrame has become part of a fun filled stress free routine for us. Searching for the next adventure.


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