Have Your Eggs and Bacon (Tempeh) Too

Truth be told I am very late to the vegan tempeh bacon game. But all I know is when I am in Philly, I tend to crave The Royal Tavern and the Tofu and Tempeh Hash on its menu.  “the lights are low like you’re in a vegas casino, so you won’t know what time…

Finding Meaning In A Circular Mandala

You might remember the piece on, ‘Why Doodling Is How I Enter My Zen Mode and Why You Shouldn’t Judge It,’ from September. Where all your preconceptions on doodles and coloring went out the window (hopefully), well now its time to focus on introspective thinking that has more meaning then just some circular drawing.

1 Simple Step To Skip Your Binge TV Routine

So how do we revolutionize what it means to be plugged in to our online networks, while also engaging with our external world? Get back to the basics and simply get outside and be active!

Why doodling is how I enter my zen mode and why you shouldn’t judge it

When I doodle My parents got separated when I was seven years old. My teacher at the time had begun teaching us students about poetry. My speech pattern mimicked the limericks we studied in school, as I either spoke frantically or stayed quiet talking in staccato sentences. I started getting journals as gifts from my…