By guiding clients through the practices of yoga, meditation and community circles, Dominique invites in more intentionality, creativity and clarity that increases compassion in the lives of those served.

Practice Yoga With Me

I’ll guide you through postures and shapes otherwise called “asana” in Sanskrit. You will have the opportunity to slow down from your day-to-day responsibilities. Yoga is a way to give yourself time and space to recalibrate and connect to your breath. Your practice can be used as a conduit to your inner self and who you are when in your most authentic state. This practice can be an excellent tool for bringing about a more compassionate and loving relationship between yourself and the universe

Meditate With Me

I’ll guide you through a meditation practice where you will have the opportunity to bring stillness to the stirring thoughts in your mind and take time to rest. Meditation is a way into yourself where you connect to the breath. When practiced regularly there can be an increased sense of self. Meditation can be an excellent tool for increasing your capacity for deep listening and intentionality within your actions.

Create a Community Circle With Me

I’ll guide you and your group through a visualization exercise to invite in a sense of grounding in the body and within the swirling thoughts that commonly enter our minds. Community Circles are a way to focus on yourself, the toxic things that you continue to allow to take up space in your life and channel that fire into letting those thoughts go. The power of a Community Circle is that it is an excellent tool for building support, showing support and increasing your personal resources to find your way to your true, compassionate and loving self.